JANUARY 15, 2020:


What can you expect when joining Thermo Fisher’s global team of 70,000+ talented colleagues? Our recent new hires share their thoughts in celebration of #CandExperienceDay2020. Join us today and #StartYourStory! ​​​​​​​


“It was such a positive experience. It was really important to me to stay informed and my recruiter always delivered on my priorities. I grew confident that my recruiter had my best interests in mind throughout the entire process. When I started, it was the first time I was offered a 35-page employee resource guide with pertinent information. Onboarding is not an afterthought at Thermo Fisher. It is well crafted by design with an online platform that provides environment and corporate learning expectations after one day, one week, one month, etc.”  

Mohamed, Staff Program Manager, Fremont, CA 

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“My recruiter helped me to feel very comfortable with the process and provided insights on what to expect every step of the way. The process of onboarding can also be overwhelming but my manager and corporate staff have been great with follow up and making sure I have what I need to get on the right track and ultimately make an impact in my new job. I truly feel welcome and motivated to contribute to the success of the team!” Celeta, Health System Specialist, Philadelphia, PA
“The recruitment process was really fluid. I never felt alone as the recruiter supported me until the onboarding process and the entire experience was full of information, tools and guidance. The Thermo Fisher world has felt like a real big family. Everyone seems familiar, and when you feel positive vibes and positive emotions, you know the organization is exactly what you are looking for. With all the professionalism and precision, by the end of the hiring process I was really looking forward to joining.” ​​​​​​​ Daniel, Technical Team Leader, Italy 
“What was really outstanding in the hiring experience at Thermo Fisher was the personal recruitment. In any other companies I applied, I didn’t even get a response at all, or months later. It’s been easy for me to integrate into the team and to network with colleagues all over the globe. Everybody is very open and always willing to help. You are part of a big unit that works together as one.” Maria, Product Management Specialist, Austria
“I’m very thankful for how the Thermo Fisher recruiting team walked me through the interview and onboarding process. They worked endless hours to make this transition a success for me.” Tracy, Quality Control Supervisor, Princeton, NJ
“I really appreciated how the hiring team communicated with me at each step of the process and especially their supportive tone of voice along the way.” Thaves, Validation Engineer, Whitby, Canada
“Everyone was so accessible and made the hiring process smooth and easy. I’m thoroughly enjoying my job and so grateful to be with this amazing company. There is so much to learn and I have only scratched the surface.” Louis, QC Laboratory Technician, Middletown, Virginia
“Knowing I wanted to continue a career in healthcare, Thermo Fisher was top on my list due to its mission, global position and available jobs. I remember thinking to myself ‘when I do get into Thermo Fisher, I know they will take care of me as they are taking care of all the other internal candidates.’ I applied with everything I had and reached out to my friends from Thermo Fisher that I had met at a career fair to use as internal referrals. And I got the job!” Lisa, Project Manager, Middletown, Virginia
“My recruiter always kept in touch either by call, text, or email.  She always made herself available at every point of the process, was a consummate professional.  Even though we had some crazy things happen during the process, this is the first time I have bonded with a recruiter.  She made me feel special.”  Adam, Manufacturing Planner, Greenville, NC
“The recruitment process is well organized, so you know what to expect. It's not always the case for other organizations, leaving you with an uneasy feeling while waiting for an answer that may never come. The people involved in the hiring process are really open to any questions you may have, listening carefully to your concerns and aspirations.  Everyone is friendly, warm and welcoming, ready to help you in any way you may need. I feel appreciated and included from the very first day; that's been invaluable to me. “ Cinta, Molecular Biology Scientist, San Francisco, CA
“The recruiter I worked with was outstanding, communicating every step of the process and provided background on Thermo Fisher. The onboarding process had a thorough training program followed by a meet and greet with colleagues I’d be working with. All my tools were in place for me on day one – laptop, phone, access, etc. I’m really enjoying everyone’s willingness to listen to new ideas and be flexible to make changes.” Joe, Data Analytics Supervisor, Rochester, NY
“My candidate experience was a very open and friendly experience with people more than happy to help and guide me during my onboarding. Communication from the start of the interview process to my first day with the company was exceptional as I always knew the timings of things, what the expectation was of me, etc. The culture of the site, from leadership to the operators, is open and honest and all my interactions are constructive and positive. It’s a great place to work.”  Gordon, Warehouse & Distribution Manager, Cramlington, UK

“From previous hiring experiences, Thermo Fisher has no doubt provided the best hiring experience. It was professional; I didn’t need to have doubts about the position, starting time, etc. Everything related to the position was communicated transparently. The HR contact was available when needed and communicated the next steps clearly. When I started, I had my tools ready (hardware and software) and was offered trainings and onboarding sessions. There was one person dedicated for me to address any practical questions/needs such as meeting rooms, lunch, software to be used, etc. With my manager, we set the objectives for the first weeks and months and I was given time enough to get settled. I have been introduced to key departments and colleagues and I feel like I can always ask if there is anything I need.”

Ida, Product Manager, Finland

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