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Working on projects to improve millions of lives and to serve our diverse customers.

Meet Greta, a Customer Service Representative at our Budapest site. We asked her to walk us through a typical workday as part of the Customer Service team serving Korea, New Zealand and Australia

Tell us how you start your day?

After getting off the metro, It’s a short and pleasant walk to the office in Váci út, one of the nicest and most modern business areas of Budapest. Every time I step into the office, I’m amazed at its modern style and beautiful large windows that bring in lots of light. I sit down at my work table and log into my PC (which is brand new as well!) to organize my tasks and workload for the day.

What types of things do you do during your workday?

Every morning starts with a team meeting where we come together and assess country and regional performance and also individual and team figures. After that, we work on our customer orders and manage inquiries and data requests. I love how my role serving our customers is enabling them to drive their work that makes the world healthier, cleaner and safer. After I grab some lunch, it’s time for a status meeting with the larger team. I also consult with the team to ask for useful tips about international meetings, which I have each afternoon.

How do you wrap up your workday?

I usually grab a cup of coffee in the afternoon and with the best practices and advice my colleagues have shared with me from earlier in the day, I get ready to start my international meeting. Its typically starts with a global welcome- Hello! Guten tag! Bonjour! Ciao! Cześć! Hola! It’s exciting to work among so many different nationalities as it keeps my mind open to new perspectives. On this day, I have a meeting with my team leader about my performance and development plan. I’m congratulated on the great work I’m doing, which makes me feel proud. As the day comes to an end, I shut down my PC with a great smile on her face – I feel like my work is making an impact. I walk out of the office with my colleagues, ready for the next challenges tomorrow will bring!

A day in the life of our Customer Care team

We are a combination of back-office & front-office which provides a variety of tasks
​​​​​​​and responsibilities...

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Two ways of joining the Customer Care Team

Reasons our colleagues feel inspired to work at Thermo Fisher Scientific

We help fulfill our Mission by being at the forefront of the fight against viruses that endanger humanity

​​​​​​​We help to fulfill our Mission by working towards finding cures for illnesses that impact thousands of lives globally.

​​​​​​​We help to fulfill our Mission through our sustainable purification technologies which support the supply of clean water in underserved communities.

In addition to a competitive salary, we offer…

36,000 Ft (Hungarian Forint)
The monthly personal budget for cafeteria / food & beverage needs, given to colleagues starting the second month working at the company.
40+ The number of individual medical assessments available to all our colleagues and paid for by our company insurance.
3.5% Private pension fund match is offered to colleagues after 7 months of employment, based on salary.

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