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We get it. You might be seeking your first internship or full-time role and want to make a lasting impression. Let our Early Talent Team help you navigate the process with advice to prepare an eye-catching resume and crush the interview! 

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Craft My Resume

If yo
u find yourself struggling to write an interview-worthy resume due to a lack of work experience -
fear not! You likely have more relevant experience than you think, and with some guidance, it is possible to showcase your achievements and personal brand in a way that demonstrates how you may be qualified for the opportunity.

▰ Pro tip: Get ahead of the game by first exploring our available opportunities! Taking this step, while following the tips listed below, will better equip you when customizing your resume.

Resume Formatting

Font Style

Choose a font style that is easy to read and keep the layout simple, our recruiters will thank you for it!

Use Bullet Points

Keep things concise by utilizing bullet points, rather than full paragraphs. We recommend your resume not exceed more than one full page.

Contact Info

Make sure your contact information and LinkedIn Profile are situated prominently at the top of your resume so our recruiters can reach out. Please include BOTH your permanent and school address.

Check for Errors

Demonstrate your attention to detail by proofreading for spelling and grammatical errors.

Save your File

Lastly, save your resume as a PDF with your first and last name once it is ready! 

Resume Content


Ace My Interview

All of that work polishing your resume has paid off! You secured an interview and now it’s your time to shine. Remember, the interview is your opportunity to tell the interviewer what the resume cannot, so be your authentic self and come prepared with the following in mind…

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