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"No other organization in the world has this kind of capability. Even in a place as innovative as the bay area, we stand out. We’re able to achieve more at Thermo Fisher because we have the expertise, teamwork, and global resources to get things done. And it’s work that each of us is personally invested in. I’m passionate about the discoveries we’re making and excited about where our innovation and imagination will take us next."

Jonathan, R&D Leader
Thermo Fisher Scientific is the world leader in serving science. We’re a global organization with a strong presence in the San Francisco Bay Area, employing over 2,600 extraordinary minds across our nine Bay Area locations, each of which does groundbreaking work to make significant contributions to the world.

Our success as a company is based on our global network, which operates as one open and collaborative environment. We empower our employees—not only in their use of cutting-edge technology, but also in their efforts to define their own career path and make a difference in the world. Together, we’re working to enable our customers to make the world healthier, cleaner, and safer.

Our Bay Area Locations

South San Francisco

Our South San Francisco office employs nearly 700 team members. The office is home to our Clinical Next-Generation Sequencing and Genetic Sciences businesses. This wide-range of cutting-edge work creates world-wide impacts, such as improving cancer treatments, rapid testing viruses such as Zika and Ebola, and developing platform and content solutions to help bring criminals to justice.

Perks- Onsite gym/fitness center, Oyster Point Café & Starbucks Café, purple tie dry cleaning, vanpools, oyster point shuttles, Toastmasters Group, pool & foosball table, electric car charging stations

Fremont: Electron Microscopy

Our Materials and Structural Analysis location in Fremont is the hub for our Electrical Failure Analysis business and employs nearly 100 team members. We are a leading supplier of microscopes dedicated to electrical fault characterization in semiconductor devices. Our Electrical Failure Analysis systems are mission critical for the world's leading semiconductor companies and are used in process development, yield ramp and failure analysis. The team has the mission ‘To find and analyze the defects that matter.’

Fremont: Niche Diagnostics

Our Niche Diagnostics location in Fremont employs over 500 team members focused on the development and manufacturing of chemistry-based products for the diagnostics Drugs of Abuse, Therapeutic Drug Monitoring, and Immunosuppressant Drug Monitoring. We also manufacture Quality Control products, reagents used by the labs to ensure test accuracy, enabling labs to provide results for a variety of disease pathologies. Fremont is home to our Particle Technology (bead solutions for calibration, immunoassays, flow cytometry, and particulate analysis) and our Biologics manufacturing. Our primary product lines are immunoassays, quality control, particle technology, and biologics.

Perks - Gym onsite, Purple Tie dry cleaning, Connections Cafe, Volleyball court, Uber account for commuting, and Club Sport Discounts


Our Pleasanton office employs 500+ team members and manufactures gene-related products such as Oligos, Arrays, Cards, AmpliSeq panels, large-scale kits, synthetic genes, and pilot instruments in our Zero Waste Facility.

Perks- BART/ACE train shuttles, On-site Café, Fitness equipment and exercise classes, Free Electric Vehicle chargers, Walking trails

San Jose

Our San Jose site employs over 400 team members and primarily supports our Mass Spectrometry business through research and development, manufacturing, and other functions such as Finance and Marketing. The site develops and manufactures a complete range of analytic instruments and software services that support customers within proteomics, clinical research and pharmaceutical, biotech, food safety, and environmental market segments.

Perks- on-site cafeteria, fitness center, EV charging stations, fueling service and basketball and volleyball courts.

Santa Clara - FIBERlite

Our Santa Clara facility encompasses two sites and employs 50+ team members. We manufacture centrifugation rotors for Life Sciences and other laboratory separations. These are used in many applications from cancer research to food and drug safety to vaccine production and more. Our products use advanced carbon fiber composites to create the lightest and strongest rotors available on the market. Our rotors allow scientist to have the most performance available on the market to deliver cutting edge results. We are the only manufacturer of carbon fiber composites in centrifugation in the world. We pride ourselves on our safety and on our team-centered culture.

Santa Clara - Measurement and Control

Our Santa Clara location manufactures measurement and control solutions for life sciences process applications. We provide select hardware, software and services for upstream biopharma applications as well as software and services for downstream applications allowing us to transform single-use facilities into a seamless network to optimize resources and generate batch reports using scalable automation & platform independent controllers.

Santa Clara – Microarrays

Our Santa Clara offices employ 200+ team members and manufactures gene-related products such as Quantigene Multi-Plex RNA, Quantigene Singleplex Assay, PrimeFlow RNA Assay, ViewRNA Tissue, ViewRNA Cell, and Eureka Genotyping.


Our Sunnyvale location employs 300+ team members. Its’ key manufacturing capabilities/competencies include polymeric resin synthesis/grafting, column manufacturing for ion chromatography and liquid chromatography applications, and electrolytic consumables for ion chromatography applications.

Unity Lab Services

Our Unity Lab Services provides a single source for integrated laboratory services, scientific support and supply management across all laboratory supplies, instruments and equipment at multiple customer locations throughout the US.

Meet Our Team

Working at Thermo Fisher Scientific you will have the opportunity to work alongside enthusiastic colleagues who are dedicated to acting responsibly, collaborating effectively, positively impacting their communities and improving human conditions for the world. It’s this passion of making a positive impact that connects our Thermo Fisher Scientific team and empowers us to do amazing work both in the San Francisco Bay Area and Worldwide.
I am responsible for the Regulatory Compliance of my business unit‘s Ion Chromatography instruments. This role allows me to learn new skills, interact with cross-functional teams and vendors, and develop a strategic business approach to compliance. There’s a really strategic aspect to my role at Thermo Fisher Scientific which I feel gives me greater intellectual freedom. The job isn’t just about meeting the requirements of the national and international compliance standards, but it is also about developing a Compliance Culture (Design for Compliance) within my business unit, that will allow us to continue to grow and to deliver Extraordinary Quality.

Working at Thermo Fisher Scientific is special to me because I see myself as directly contributing towards success and innovation. As the Regulatory Compliance engineer for my business unit, the safety aspect of the company’s mission statement is at the core of my duty. As the company is striving to make the world safer, I am also striving in ensuring that our instruments are safe to be operated, conform to the national and international Safety requirements and suitable to assist scientists and researchers in their contribution to a healthier, cleaner and safer world.
Anicea Aka, Staff Regulatory Engineer
In my role at Thermo Fisher Scientific I lead a multidisciplinary team of scientists and engineers. We support custom development services with external partners to develop new molecular diagnostics for public health and emergency response scenarios. Our partners include governments and academic institutions, groups and organizations who are at the forefront of developing new applications for genetic analysis and dedicated to making a substantial impact. The best part of this work, beyond its potential life saving potential, is the fact that everyone on my team is as dedicated as I am. It’s a very dynamic environment, and I get to work cross-functionally learning from different experts constantly.

Because much of our work is focused on responding to situations of high public health importance, for example radiation exposure, disease outbreaks and degenerative diseases (such as Alzheimer’s Disease), we often get to see firsthand how our work makes an impact. I chose to be a biomedical engineer because I wanted to help improve the human condition and I believed the way to help the most people was through advancements in medicine and technology. Working for Thermo Fisher Scientific, I can be part of a company that has the expertise and resources to deliver on these advancements in technologies.
Dora, Senior Manager, R&D
My role is lead Scientist in the Controls Formulations team, facilitating product manufacturing in any way required. I really enjoy that my workload is diverse in that no single day is like another. Today I might be working on a Quality Systems process and tomorrow I might be in the lab making a product. My role allows me to interact and work closely with many different departments and build cross-functional relationships that make my job interesting on a daily basis. Working in the Formulations department is particularly great because our group is filled with ambitious, team-minded individuals who work together to make quality products that ultimately are used to help diagnose and treat real people.

Thermo Fisher Scientific is a huge company which means there’s always opportunities for learning and growth between departments—also, Thermo Fisher Scientific makes products that support hospitals and labs all over the world in diagnosing and treating people for a huge variety of medical reasons. The idea that something I worked on might be used to treat me is actually really cool.
Jacqueline, Staff Scientist, Controls Formulations
I lead Next Generation Sequencing In Vitro Diagnostic product development programs. The best part of my job is that I get to work alongside a talented group of people who sincerely enjoy what they do. Everyone understands how important their contribution is on the projects, and there’s a sense of pride and fellowship among the team. There’s a huge benefit to working for a global company, in that your work is able to make such a substantial impact. The products we develop are marketed and commercialized world wide, and I am often involved in submitting products to various international regulatory bodies. I am constantly learning more as my work, and the world, evolves. Justine, Director, Program Management
As a member of the Global Product Support (GPS) Team, I proactively investigate potential and emerging Global product issues to ensure that our customers are always getting the most reliable and accurate results possible. Through my work I’ve seen firsthand how our customers have leveraged microarray technology to advance research in Clinical Diagnostics and Agriculture.

Working here is special to me because I get to be part of a highly knowledgeable team and I’m encouraged to bring my whole self to work every day. Thermo Fisher Scientific has empowered me to become an active member of different employee resource groups and initiatives including: the Bay Area LGBTA ERG, Santa Clara Site Council, and a Laboratory Waste Recycling initiative. All of these groups are additional to my job role, but have made me feel a part of the Thermo Fisher Scientific community as a whole. It’s very refreshing to know that I am able to make a positive impact, even in such a large organization.
Nick, Scientist III, Global Product Support
As the Director of Product evaluation, I’m responsible for testing all software products for the Life Science Mass Spectrometry business unit. Part of what makes my job great is that I get to work with the leading scientists and the latest technologies in the industry.

I’ve been working at Thermo Fisher Scientific for 17 years, so it should be pretty self-evident that I enjoy my career. There’s an amazing environment here, and through my collaboration with my coworkers I feel really connected to my company’s mission of making the world healthier, cleaner and safer.
Nigama, Director of Product Evaluation
As a manager of advanced technologies, I develop new technologies and product concepts. My career at Thermo Fisher Scientific has offered me the opportunity to solve different problems and design creative solutions while learning about a wide range of products and applications. I love that I contribute towards new frontiers of technology while working towards our Company’s goal of making the world healthier, cleaner, and safer. Seema, Manager, Advanced Technology
Working in Practical Process Improvement (PPI), I help departments run more efficiently. I do this by teaching new tools and helping teams implement new approaches to their processes. This role is rewarding in that it allows me to interact with all departments on site and learn about all the amazing work going on at Thermo Fisher Scientific.

One of the best aspects of my job is working at a company with such a large product portfolio. There’s a wealth of resources within the company, which allows for greater growth potential—both in product development and career paths.

At the end of the day, my work helps our departments. This allows for greater quality products, at more affordable prices, with shorter lead times—all of which increases accessibility to customers and helps make the world a healthier, cleaner and safer place.
Sheri, PPI Business System Specialist III
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