Why I joined Thermo Fisher Scientific
as a clinical research associate.

Written by: Priya, Clinical Research Associate

As a Senior Clinical Research Associate (CRA) in clinical operations, I am responsible for setting up, coordinating and supervising clinical studies. I plan, prepare and help carry out clinical trials to test new or existing medicinal products to assess their safety and benefits of use. 

A CRA’s work is usually done within pharmaceutical companies, or as part of a Contract Research Organization (CRO) who conducts clinical research on behalf of pharmaceutical companies. Clinical studies are also required within hospital departments that collect information about medicines.

As a clinical research colleague of Thermo Fisher Scientific, I see limitless potential for growth and am supported through an amazing work culture. The organization is process-oriented, has supportive colleagues, and offers flexibility in work arrangements where possible. Integrity in our policies and standards of operations also matches my values and expectations as a CRA - to always uphold solutions and safety for patients.

If you are inspired by medical breakthroughs and helping to improve people’s lives, consider my top 5 reasons to join me as a CRA:

1. There are several areas to work in as a CRA to become well-rounded.

As a CRA, you’re afforded the occasion to learn the entire process for developing a medicinal product. This naturally lends to the opportunity to acquire new knowledge and skills. 

2. The supportive work environment for personal development.

CRAs require many "soft skills" like communication, teamwork, flexibility and adaptability. Ultimately, you’re working with and impacting real people as part of your studies. Along the way during clinical trials, you also get comfortable with public speaking and presentation skills, critical thinking, problem solving, negotiation, and leadership. 

3. There are various career paths and opportunities.

As a Sr. CRA, I enjoy evolving towards project management, people management and growth within my current portfolio. With new studies and breakthroughs every day – both in clinical research and across other areas of science – there are many career opportunities to explore. And, when you’ve completed a job well done at Thermo Fisher, no effort goes without professional and financial acknowledgment.

4. You get wide exposure globally to build relationships and networks.

CRAs do a little bit of everything – data analysis, research, project management and more. Couple this with working alongside scientists, clinicians and other experts relevant to the study. This quickly builds professional relationships and a vast network.

With Thermo Fisher in particular, CRAs are also afforded global opportunities to lead and demonstrate leadership skills. The collaboration within teams and cross-functional departments is commendable and comes with perks of exploring new places and experiencing different global cultures. 

5. You are at the forefront of life-saving therapies.

CRAs are part of clinical studies from beginning to end. Our shared purpose in building life-saving therapies is inspiring. The job gives me purpose and it is rewarding to be part of medical innovation and advancement. 
The fruits of labor in the ever-expanding clinical industry are proof that if enough people care about the world, then they can change it. While there are many good reasons to work in clinical research, it is a privilege to enrich the lives of others as part of an excellent organization where you develop skills professionally and personally with all the support required.

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