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Our Shared Services Center in Lagunilla, Heredia, Costa Rica provides financial services functions for business areas within Thermo Fisher Scientific. Through the contributions of over 400 colleagues, every transaction managed by Costa Rica’s Shared Services Center ultimately impacts a vendor, client or patient, helping to support our Mission of enabling our customers to make the world healthier, cleaner and safer. Thermo Fisher’s Costa Rica presence also includes a Fisher Scientific team of colleagues, based in El Coyol de Alajuela, supporting distribution and commercial sales for customers mainly from various scientific and medical devices manufacturing industry.

Meet Our Team

"I’m very proud to lead the Accounting and Finance team for Costa Rica´s site. We make sure that all statutory accounting and reporting for Costa Rica and our Corporate teams are executed with the highest level of quality and control. We are the face of the Shared Services Center’s financial information and ensure we are controlling expenses. We work closely with many different teams to guarantee that AOP plans, forecasts and reporting are on track for the business.
Our team feels like a family where we support each other both professionally and personally. I’ve learned so much and have been given an opportunity to grow as a leader. Thermo Fisher provided me with training and tools to develop my skills as well as exposure to new business areas, like Finance. I can count on management’s guidance and trust to support me in growing every day. I’m excited about the global opportunities available at Thermo Fisher. Taking advantage of these opportunities just depends on what you want to achieve. If you work hard, deliver as expected and are ambitious, your career paths are limitless here."

Fernando, Accounting Supervisor 
"Thermo Fisher Scientific has given me the opportunity to work with great people from all over the world. Through various projects I’ve been a part of, I’ve been able to visit different countries and meet colleagues that share a similar passion for what they do. This helped me to understand the importance of my role and the contribution that each person gives to our company Mission. It also allowed me to develop my skills and career path. 
My favorite part about my job is learning about our different products and services offered at the sites I support. As part of a Finance Shared Services Center, we are not directly in touch with the products being developed at Thermo Fisher.  However, as we come to learn about our Mission, we understand how it applies to all areas of the company. There are many ways to contribute and engage to make our communities healthier, cleaner and safer through the work we do."

Viviana, Accountant III 
"I provide training solutions and support talent development for our Finance Shared Services Center so that our colleagues can help Thermo Fisher accomplish its great Mission. I enjoy being able to grow myself while helping others grow. 
I’m so proud to know that my work, even indirectly, makes an impact at Thermo Fisher and on people throughout the world. Our Costa Rica team has committees doing some great work to put into action the Thermo Fisher values and Mission. I joined a Green Team committee and have participated in various activities like recycle educational stands, electronics recycling campaigns and volunteer beach clean-ups. It’s great to be active with my colleagues in caring for our world."

Adriana Chaverri Rey, HR Training Specialist
"What I like the most about my role as a Senior Accounting Analyst for the Record to Report (R2R) team is the experience I’m developing in the complete accounting cycle along with the challenges that come with it. The team I work with here is essential to making this experience great at Thermo Fisher; it wouldn’t be the same if they weren’t by my side each day.  
It’s very enriching for me to be part of a company like Thermo Fisher, with such a commitment to science and making the world a better place. Although my role isn’t related directly to science, it’s important to be able to deliver accurate financial information to our internal clients. This is what allows our leaders to make informed decisions to allocate resources to the efforts that will make the world healthier, cleaner and safer. Our Mission is what makes me proud to say I work here. I have enjoyed my career journey very much and know the best is to yet to come as part of the world leader in serving science. "
Jose, Accounting Analyst III
"What I like about my role is having the opportunity to collaborate on projects for our Procure to Pay department. The projects address different necessities and improve processes for our stakeholders with the help of innovative tools and technology. It’s a great experience to learn and share knowledge with others on the project. Colleagues here are always willing to help and the culture inspires us to always do the best in every task we perform. Thermo Fisher’s Mission makes me feel proud and motivates me to collaborate and achieve our goals. The company values (Integrity, Intensity, Innovation and Involvement) are essential to believing that we can grow, personally and professionally, and contribute to the success of the company." Leiddy, Procure to Pay, Operational Excellence Lead 
"I’m part of the Reporting, Development & Analytics team specializing in business analyst and visualizations tools. I’ve been with the company for three years and have seen how the work we do relates to our values of innovation, integrity, intensity and involvement. Our organization is solid, clear in our goals and always looking to develop its colleagues so we can all grow together.

I enjoy having opportunities to learn something new with each project and to be able to work in different areas of the business, which allows me to better understand how Thermo Fisher operates on a global scale. We are always looking for innovative ideas using different technologies. Our immediate team is a very diverse environment with colleagues from three different countries. We also collaborate outside our team with people from different Thermo Fisher functions, titles and locations around the world. My role comes with a lot of responsibilities and deadlines, but it is a good feeling to know that at the end of each day, our work is providing innovation, standardization and improvement of our operations to best support our business."
Erlam, Reporting and Development Analyst II 
"Working in Accounts Payable for the Customer Channels team, I’m responsible for addressing payment concerns from top suppliers as well as reviewing discrepancies between invoices and purchase orders. What I like the most about my role is the everyday challenges we face. It’s common for suppliers to encounter invoicing or shipping issues that will delay order fulfillment. Nonetheless, we have the ability to assist them by engaging with our internal partners. These types of scenarios help us boost our business knowledge and strengthen customer relations.
What I enjoy most about working here is the continuous, never-ending growth. Thermo Fisher is expanding at an amazingly fast pace, which also pushes us to improve as professionals. We are part of an exciting journey! It’s also rewarding to see how the products we provide our customers are making a life-changing impact on many people across the world; it’s completely marvelous."
Martin, Sr. Accounts Payable Representative
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