Our Finland locations include Vantaa and Joensuu, employing over 900 professionals supporting functions such as production, instrument and reagent manufacturing, R&D, marketing, sales, quality, administrative support and supply chain. We build our teams with talented professionals from many diverse field and specialties, like engineering, chemistry, microbiology and bioinformatics. No matter what your area of expertise is, we provide our colleagues with fulfilling, mission-driven work and a collaborative culture to ensure you get the most out of your career, professionally and personally. Join our team of best in class colleagues as part of our Center of Excellence sites in Finland.

Meet Our Team

Working at Thermo Fisher allows me to blend my science education, technology interest and passion for learning new things in a productive manner. In my role, I combine business opportunities, technology and scientific capabilities with the needs of our customers to develop new, innovative products in the field of in vitro diagnostics. For the past six years I have been working on large scale research and development projects, bringing a new generation of mass spectrometry-based automated patient sample analyzers with related accessories to market. I enjoy collaborating with different stakeholders, colleagues and customers on a global scale. Working with a diverse group of motivated and expert colleagues keeps me invigorated and learning new things all the time. For me, no day is the same as the previous. The capabilities offered by Thermo Fisher Scientific enable unique product development opportunities that directly improve patient health care. The sky is truly the limit here.
Jenni, Global Product Manager, Vantaa
I’m a software developer for the Microbiology team. We follow an agile way of working and share insights and knowledge with each other. We have a great culture at our Finland sites. The atmosphere is positive, open and relaxed, with everyone pulling together and working towards the same goals. We are a collaborative, intelligent and friendly team working in a high-quality environment. Thermo Fisher is an energizing and vibrant company that encourages good work / life balance for staff and rewards creativity and innovation.

I really enjoy working for a health and science related company because it make me feel like I am actually improving the lives and wellbeing of people. There is a passion behind our work because it’s important; we want to change things for the better for family, friends and anyone impacted by healthcare.
Narasimha, Software Designer, R&D, Vantaa
In my long career at Thermo Fisher (20 years), I’ve had the opportunity to work in many roles and with almost all the different clinical diagnostic instrument and product lines, within technical support, channel management, IT commercial projects, product service transfers and new product tech support and service ramp up. I was even able to work in the United States on a special one-year assignment. Our work in Vantaa focuses on problem resolution to ensure instrument uptime and usability to produce accurate test results for patients.

Currently, I manage and lead a technical 2nd level support team for clinical analyzers and laboratory automation systems. The most enjoyable and awarding part of my job is working and managing our highly skilled specialists. The team is incredibly dedicated to supporting our customer channels, distributors and OEM partners to solve any difficult problem they encounter. By supporting our channels and partners on a global level, we also get to know people from many different companies and cultures.
Patrik, Sr. Manager, Technical Service & Support, Vantaa
I develop efficient manufacturing-related processes for the clinical diagnostics products line. My job includes both hands-on daily troubleshooting, but also higher level process development and working with different stakeholders (like R&D, supplies) to help keep daily operations up and running smoothly. Although I’m not a scientist, I’m able to work alongside analytical chemists, which is very interesting for me.

We have such a dedicated and passionate team of process engineers, operators and testers, who give their 100% every day to achieve our goals. The knowledge at Thermo Fisher is extensive and there is always someone who can help share their experiences. There’s an open atmosphere of sharing information. I enjoy sharing my knowledge of engineering and science with Thermo Fisher because everything we do, including the products and devices we create in Vantaa, support our mission to make the world healthier, cleaner and safer.
Joni, Manufacturing Engineer, Vantaa
Thermo Fisher Scientific has a great code of ethics and a strong commitment to diversity in the workplace, which is important to me. I work with everything relating to our local ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system, varying from support, reporting and data integrity. It’s also my responsibility to minimize cybersecurity risk to create the safest possible work environment for the team. I like that my role includes complex challenges, problems to analyze and the chance to learn something new every day. Working with our ERP system and other IT systems, we intersect with Operations, Finance, IT and many other partners. This is something I value since it provides me a variety of interesting tasks relating to my work. We have an adept team in Joensuu with expertise from multiple areas and a collaborative spirit in addition to the ability to form connections internationally. This is the era of digitalization, thus optimizing operations and connections through IT is vital to making the best decisions that help us achieve our mission of making the world healthier, cleaner and safer.
Toni, ERP Systems Analyst, Joensuu
I’m responsible for the Clinical Diagnostics User Experience (UX) team and related processes. I really enjoy being able to work with a magnificent team full of enthusiastic professionals! Our team is responsible for the user experience and use-safety of the new and modified clinical laboratory analyzer and automation user interfaces and technical documentation in three business units in Clinical Diagnostics and Microbiology. We contribute to the design of clinical laboratory products that are used for analyzing the state of the patients´ health, enabling better medical treatment and healthier life.

One thing I love about my job is the day-to-day variation – working with different products and projects and with people representing different disciplines. I like working at a large, international company committed to investing in R&D. Thermo Fisher’s focus on health technology is very special to me. For me, it’s important that what I do has a positive impact on patient health. We have to ensure we are working very diligently and comprehensively on our products because they make a difference in people’s lives; I really like this way of working.
Taina, Manager, User Experience, Vantaa

Our Locations


Our Vantaa facility is a Center of Excellence for advanced instrumentation. The site includes 600 employees, with over 200 focused on R&D efforts. The Vantaa team specializes in advanced instrumentation and system solutions in clinical chemistry by focusing on clinical chemistry analyzers, industrial solutions and laboratory automation. Our Microbiology team concentrates on molecular biology testing kits and instrument and system development. Furthermore we specialize in microplate and magnetic particle separation instruments.

With all the expertise and experience our employees offer, our Vantaa office has earned the Center of Excellence Status in the development, manufacture and sale of clinical diagnostic analyzers and laboratory automation systems (learn more here). Over the past few years, we have strengthened our focus on global projects and almost doubled our team of R&D professionals through increased investments. With pride we can say that our team has developed the world’s first fully automated clinical analyzer based on LC-MS / MS technology - the Cascadion ™ SM clinical analyzer - to begin a new era of clinical analytics.


Our Joensuu site is also a Center of Excellence, for consumables and pipettes. With over 300 employees, it specializes in injection molding manufacturing, pipette components, pipette tips, microplates, cuvettes and funnels. Our pipette assembly specialist are responsible for over 100 000 manual assembled pipettes a year. Furthermore, the team provides services for pipettes and  ISO/IEC 17025 accredited pipette calibration, K053. The team at our Joensuu location strengthens our presence in the region with their extensive experience in injection molding manufacturing with very high volume tip production (~1 billion annually). 
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