"One morning, I had an idea for a new interface that would connect two of the instruments I was using for my studies. By the end of that day, I had built a prototype that I could test and show my colleagues. The R&D Director liked the concept and encouraged me to take over the development of this project."

Antonella, R&D Product Specialist
Solving the world’s toughest problems is why we come to work each day. It’s what brings us together and empowers us to reach our true potential and work towards our mission of advancing science for the greater good. That’s why we have the largest R&D investment in the industry at $1 billion every year. We understand just what is needed to take a great idea from the drawing board all the way to completion.



To help our R&D team dream up new solutions, we created the My!dea platform. My!dea is a crowd-sourced social innovation tool that allows R&D scientists and engineers across Thermo Fisher Scientific to share, collaborate and build out new ideas. Over 1000 product and technology ideas were submitted in the last year.

Intensifying Innovation (I^2) and Collaborative Research Contract Programs

Over 30 internal innovation grants, valued at >$5M are awarded annually to our R&D teams through the Intensifying Innovation and Collaborative Research Contract grant programs. These grant programs provide a funding and support mechanism for our R&D teams to bring their ideas to life, and encourage collaborations that span across businesses, technologies, and geographies.

Our Proud Achievements


Cryo-electron microscopy

Thermo Fisher Scientific is changing the way people perform scientific research in a big way. Our groundbreaking Cryo-Electron Microscopy devices have helped spark a new era in biochemistry and their use has contributed to one of our clients winning the Nobel Prize in 2017.

Biomarker Assays

Thermo Fisher Scientific holds the distinguished honor of creating the first FDA-approved biomarker assays for Sepsis. Within 20 minutes, healthcare workers can have the information they need to make critical, life-saving decisions.

Blood-Based Allergy Test

Our brilliant team created the first FDA-approved in vitro specific IgE allergy test. This breakthrough gives clinicians simultaneous results for hundreds of allergen sources in a much smaller sample size. Giving parents critical understanding of their children’s allergen causes like food allergies.
NGS Chemistries
Our Next-Generation Sequencing Technology has revolutionized cancer diagnosis and treatment, giving healthcare providers and patients the most important gift of all — time.
PCR Amplification For Human DNA
Thermo Fisher Scientific offers the most widely used PCR amplification kit for human DNA identification. This technology is key in assisting major law enforcement agencies solve crimes every day.
Portable Platforms
A team with skills just like yours has taken some of the most powerful analytical tools and made them portable. Now scientists and researchers working in the field can get lab-quality results on the spot.
Single use bioreactors
Our Single-Use Bioreactors have been designed to work with any controller system on the market. Their versatile design offers all the benefits of single-use systems, including lower start-up and implementation costs, reduced CIP/SIP, and greater scale-up flexibility.
Orbitrap Mass Spectrometers
Our unique Orbitrap Mass Spectrometer offers our clients the accuracy and precision they need. It’s high resolution and sensitivity can make all the difference in whether low concentration analytes are detected or not.
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