Clinical Development Academy

About the program

The Clinical Development Academy is an exciting onboarding and training program that prepares talented and career-driven professionals to launch their career in the clinical research industry. No prior experience in the clinical research industry is needed. Successful applicants will join a cohort of their peers for a curated training that is uniquely designed to their background and professional goals. At Thermo Fisher Scientific, we are focused on building the workforce of the future, and we are excited about the opportunity to bring new colleagues into clinical research.  

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Our cohort approach

Foundational programs for career launch.

Colleagues are introduced to clinical research and supported as they learn the specifics of the role and department they are joining

Cohort collaboration. 

A team of colleagues start at the same time, learn together, build connections and create a culture of inclusion

Formal and experiential learning opportunities. 

Structured training orients colleagues to the company and the basics of clinical research before cohorts move to job shadowing and hands-on learning in a supportive environment

Supportive people manager.

Each cohort has a dedicated people manager who meets 1:1 with each colleague while leading the group collectively

Networking and senior leadership support.

Opportunities to meet leaders across the organization to share advice, information and context around the clinical research space

Professional development.

Weekly sessions prepare colleagues for a successful career, including professional and personal development

Hear from our graduates

"Overall, the Clinical Development Academy is giving us the critical tools and training we need to excel in the clinical research industry, while also enabling us to establish a sound support system from the start. By combining these two competencies, the Clinical Development Academy sets us up for success from the moment we step into our individual roles and far into the future.” 
Cameron, Assistant CRA, Colorado
“They are bringing in individuals who would have otherwise been overlooked for CRO positions due to lack of the standard clinical research experience required for most entry-level positions within the organization. Through this training I have found they aren’t trying to fit people into a specific mold of their dream Assistant CRA. They are letting us come to the table with our wide variety of backgrounds and transferrable skills and asking, 'How can we build on these?'. Not only am I learning the duties associated with my specific role but professional skills as well. I will humbly admit it is a lot of information at times and the Clinical Development Academy is no walk in the park, but as the pieces begin to click together. I am becoming more and more confident I will be able to perform my assigned tasks effectively.” 
Caroline, Assistant CRA, Colorado
"When I applied for the Clinical Development Academy, I had zero experience in the clinical research realm, but I am an experienced program manager. When I received the call for an offer, I was elated. Through 13 weeks of training, I gained a mentor, an assigned buddy, a People Manager and a ton of new cohort friends. The company saw the potential to leverage my transferable skills and enabled me with the tools that I needed to be a successful in clinical research. I’m so very grateful to be a part of this company, for this career change, and to be a contributor of something meaningful!"
Robin, Associate Project Lead, Washington, DC 
“The Clinical Development Academy has empowered me to learn my role as an Assistant CRA, protect patient safety, own my career and grow my support network.” 
David, Assistant CRA, California
"The CDA gave me the opportunity to take my transferable skills and completely change the trajectory of my career. The training is filled with guest speakers and learning modules while connecting us with other colleagues in the company. The cohort aspect has made this transition so unique and special by having a core group to bond with and share our experiences.  There was quick comradery and knowledge sharing among us. It’s unlike anything I have ever experienced!"
Gina, Associate Project Lead, North Carolina 

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