We established operations here in 1996, starting us on a consistent path of acquisition, growth and expansion. Today, our considerable commercial and manufacturing footprint in India helps us meet and exceed the growing demands of our customers. With our enhanced capabilities and exceptional talent, it’s no surprise why BioSpectrum has named us the number one bio supplier in India.

We’re using technology and insights to deliver the latest innovations. Our Technology Development Center, established in 2015 in Bengalaru, is focused on addressing internal IT challenges.

In 2016, we opened our Emerging Digital Technologies Center. Home to more than 250 software engineers, the new facility enabled us to expand our expertise in cloud computing technologies and specific platforms including advanced Java, Spring, .NET, WCF, WPF, Python, Angular JS and statistical programming frameworks.

Our talented professionals use the latest resources to provide platform engineering for desktop and enterprise hardened cloud applications. With nearly a quarter of our hires coming from the campus audience, we’re poised for an even bigger future, ready to deliver the world-class software and cloud computing service that the scientific community demands.

Headquartered in Mumbai, we have representatives across 42 locations within India and our large infrastructure in India include 2 R&D centers, 6 manufaturing sites, 11 distribution centers and 16 commercial offices.