If you’re a current undergraduate or graduate student eager to make your mark with an industry leader, our internships are the perfect place to start.

Over the course of your internship, you will have the opportunity to contribute fresh ideas while gaining hands-on experience in your field of interest, make lasting connections across the organization, and grow in ways you didn’t think possible. Internship durations can range from 3 months to 6 months to a full year (based on the location of the program).

In addition to supporting projects that help our customers discover a cure for cancer, protect the environment, or make sure our food is safe, you’ll also enjoy a variety of programming that allows interns to become fully immersed in the culture of Thermo Fisher Scientific - including professional development workshops, “coffee chats” with members of our leadership team, opportunities to volunteer in the local community, events hosted by our many Business Resource Groups, as well as other site-based social activities.

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"Through my internship, I had the opportunity to move to Maryland and meet many people who have become mentors to me. My major project involved doing meaningful hands-on work exploring the heterogeneity of tumoroid cultures. The experience has further motivated me to pursue a PhD."
Alexis, R&D Intern, Life Science and Laboratory Products 
"After college, I would love to enter a leadership program. I really like the idea of continuing to be put in different roles and even different sites. 

Both of my Thermo Fisher internships helped me understand what is expected in the career I am pursuing by showing me the time and care that needs to be put into the little things. My project was focused on efficiently installing isolation valves onto chemical tanks. I learned how to methodically approach a bulk of tasks and do them in the correct order. It would be easy to get overwhelmed with the amount of work involved in certain technical roles. Thus, being able to identify what tasks are the most urgent is important to save the company time and money."
Grant – Engineering Intern, Life Science and Laboratory Products
"Through both internships at Thermo Fisher Scientific, I developed my technical and professional skills and a deeper understanding of the supply chain process. By "being a sponge" and asking questions, I learned from incredible people with incredible knowledge. One of the major projects I worked on was to analyze our warehouse inventory data in our server and design a Power BI dashboard to show the warehouse storage space per branch based on forecasted data, ensuring our products were readily available for our customers worldwide."
Kyle - Operations Intern, Life Science and Laboratory Products
"I've wanted to dive into the intersection of biology and business. My Finance Leadership Development Process internship project involved contract modification using Practical Process Improvement (PPI). Stakeholders came together from around the country and England to streamline the process so we could provide better services and products to our customers. 

Thermo Fisher Scientific has a sense of integrity that goes beyond words on a company values page. I look forward to exploring full-time positions after graduation because of the supportive work environment and the innovative company culture driven by PPI."
Kylie – Finance Leadership Development Intern, Clinical Research
"Through my internship, I learned so much about stem cells and their potential to fight disease. My project focused on generating large amounts of neurons from induced pluripotent stem cells using bioreactors. A breakthrough in the team's work would contribute to developing cell therapies and combating neurodegenerative diseases. My colleagues made me feel comfortable to ask questions and ask for help. They embodied the true meaning of a team by leaning on each other to achieve our Mission's success."
Myra - Product Engineering Intern, Life Science and Laboratory Products
"My Thermo Fisher Scientific internship helped me further understand what is expected in an IT career through real work experiences, including exposure to working with global teams and customers. Having a manager and team that provided an environment where I felt empowered to be myself and ask questions allowed me to grow and learn confidently."
Taylor – IT Intern, Corporate
"I returned for a second internship for two main reasons. First, I could see the positive impact on my team and the organization while doing work I enjoyed. Secondly, I connected with the company's Mission personally and it inspired the work I did every day. My project focused on improving the reporting Business Leaders used across the organization to make strategic decisions. My internship experiences at Thermo Fisher have helped me better understand how to manage project priorities effectively and adapt to changes. While a given project may have several goals, it is essential to prioritize and adapt to changes in deadlines, objectives, etc. My internship experience has also provided several opportunities to lead meetings, allowing me to hone my presentation and communication skills."
William - Financial Planning & Analysis Intern, Customer Channels

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