If you’re a current undergraduate or graduate student eager to make your mark with an industry leader, our internships are the perfect place to start.

Over the course of your internship, you will have the opportunity to contribute fresh ideas while gaining hands-on experience in your field of interest, make lasting connections across the organization, and grow in ways you didn’t think possible. Internship durations can range from 3 months to 6 months to a full year (based on the location of the program).

In addition to supporting projects that help our customers discover a cure for cancer, protect the environment, or make sure our food is safe, you’ll also enjoy a variety of programming that allows interns to become fully immersed in the culture of Thermo Fisher Scientific - including professional development workshops, “coffee chats” with members of our leadership team, opportunities to volunteer in the local community, events hosted by our many Business Resource Groups, as well as other site-based social activities.

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"I knew it was important for me to find hands-on experience before graduating, and Thermo Fisher Scientific gave me my first opportunity as a Product Test Intern. During this time, I worked at a manufacturing site and developed a quality control process that was later implemented into the site’s manufacturing process. I was able to gain hands-on technical skills operating various machinery and was introduced to potential careers within Quality, which became a newfound interest that I decided to pursue further. So, I eventually reached out to the network I had built during my first internship and applied again hoping to return for a second time. Gratefully, I was offered to join as a Quality Systems intern at the Carlsbad, CA location, making the leap from a smaller site to one of the biggest sites the company has globally.

I came back to Thermo Fisher Scientific because of the dedication and time everyone here has continued to put into my professional and personal growth. I feel grounded by the knowledge, resources, and connections gained from my internships, and I hope to continue exploring the opportunities that Thermo Fisher Scientific has to offer as I prepare to begin my full-time career."
Leilany, returning Quality intern, UC Irvine 
“Interning here was a great experience for me, and I enjoyed it a lot. I learned a ton, made some great friends and met many incredible people. Additionally, the technical and critical thinking skills I learned in the lab while working on my project will help me greatly as I pursue a career in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry. My favorite aspect of my internship was how hands-on it was. I spent a lot of time in the lab working with equipment and practicing techniques that are used widely in the industry.” 
Reed, Biopharmaceuticals intern, University of Wisconsin - Madison
"As a Strategic Proposal Development Intern, I have received personalized training on processes, content management and analytics. With everyone eager to share their knowledge and provide advice, I am never left confused or unsure of my value within the organization. At this global company, I work alongside individuals representing a wide range of cultures and backgrounds. I have seen first-hand many learning and growth opportunities the company prides itself on offering. If you are searching for an internship with a company that genuinely cares about seeing you succeed, do not hesitate to apply.” 
Joel, Clinical Research Strategic Proposal Development intern,
​​​​​​​University of Central Florida
“In my third year of undergrad at UC San Diego, I had no idea what I wanted for my future or what it would even look like. I applied to Thermo Fisher Scientific on a whim, and it turned out to be the greatest experience for growth and development in my career thus far. I initially joined the company as a Finance intern the summer after my junior year, which solidified what I wanted for the future. There were so many experienced professionals to ask for advice from and countless different stories and paths I could take. It really boosted my confidence because I didn’t realize I had more than one option in my career. I decided to pursue my Master of Professional Accountancy and was lucky enough to return to the company for a second time as a Financial Leadership Development Program intern prior to starting my graduate degree program. I was so excited to come back and continue learning from my new team, and hope to stay with Thermo Fisher Scientific upon my graduation.”
Corinne, returning FLDP intern, UC San Diego
“When I first joined Thermo Fisher Scientific as a Product Management intern, my job was to determine the next infectious disease opportunities after SARS and build business cases around them. I learned how to conduct market analysis, engage with customers, analyze the competitive landscape, and examine our portfolio across businesses. At the end of my term, I had the opportunity to present my findings and key learnings in front of leadership and am proud to see parts of my work still being used today. My experience made coming back for a second internship easy, and have been most recently tasked with organizing a reproductive health roadmap, creating a business case for wastewater testing, and building a centralized competitive intelligence platform. While my responsibilities are even greater as a returning intern, knowing that my work has real-world impact is a profound motivation.” 
Jenseric, returning Product Management intern, Princeton University
“As a Software Development intern at Thermo Fisher Scientific, I worked on the Software Application team that uses a number of programs to accurately analyze and assess DNA samples of both humans and animals. During my internship, I worked closely with my colleagues and a very knowledgeable and supportive team that aided me whenever I needed them. My time at Thermo Fisher was incredibly cultivating, as I developed valuable communication and teamwork skills as well as efficiency with programming languages that I did not previously know. These skills will prove to be beneficial as I apply them in my university classes and future career. I had a wonderful experience and gained so much from my internship, and will always be grateful for the opportunity to work for such an amazing company”
Briana, Software Development intern, University of Georgia
“I am fortunate to have been able to intern in Clinical Research at Thermo Fisher Scientific to gain a deeper understanding of the regulatory landscape for over 100 countries. My team is supported by hundreds of local intelligence coordinators globally. The amount of friendly support and guidance that I receive from my colleagues is a testament to how well the team works together, and how they want to see me succeed. My line manager has been very supportive, sharing knowledge and training that has a direct impact on my contributions to the team. After I earn my degree, I hope to return to this team.“ 
Heidi, Clinical Research Regulatory Intelligence and Policy Advocacy intern,
“Progressing through my program of study, I have developed an interest in many areas of clinical research but haven’t quite figured out what direction to take after graduation. As an intern, I have enjoyed being a member of a global, cross-functional team supporting real-world project deliverables while gaining valuable exposure to, and further developing my understanding of, key business components impacting clinical research. However, by far, one of my favorite aspects about this internship has been the overwhelming support I’ve received in my professional development which has allowed me to connect with professionals across a variety of departments and has given me the opportunity to explore different potential career paths that align with my many interests. My experience as an intern has exceeded every expectation. Every day I am motivated to reach my full potential, encouraged by an organization that acknowledges the value of its team members and inspired by the brilliant individuals working toward a common goal of improving health.” 
Rebekah, Clinical Research Project Management intern,
​​​​​​​George Washington University
“As a Cell Biology R&D Intern, I worked as part of a team to create products that enable cutting-edge research in the areas of immunology and oncology. During my internship, I completed multiple projects, such as supporting product development testing, as well as collecting data for marketing purposes. Throughout the summer, I worked closely with colleagues who were exceedingly knowledgeable, helpful, and welcoming. The team cared greatly about my development, teaching me new skills and supporting me along the way. My work as an intern was extremely exciting and fulfilling, as I had a direct impact on the company, which is a unique and invaluable experience. I returned to Thermo Fisher Scientific for yet another internship because of the amazing experience I had the year prior and look forward to continuing to contribute to the company’s mission by engaging in meaningful projects that enable the future of research.” 
Kendall, returning R&D intern, Santa Clara University

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