Operations Leadership
​​​​​​​Development Program

About the program

​​​​​​​The Operations Leadership Development Program (OLDP) offers exceptional new grads the opportunity to explore roles across our Operations function while strategically networking with senior leadership. Participants will have a range of positions within Planning & Sourcing, Manufacturing, Quality Assurance, Process Engineering, Supply Chain, and Distribution leading-up to contributing as a Production Supervisor. For those future leaders who are looking to make a tangible impact while making valuable connections, the OLDP provides a phenomenal trajectory towards discovering your passion. 

What to expect

  • Four 6-month rotations
  • Rotations across various Thermo Fisher Groups/Divisions/Business units and/or functional areas
  • Learnings from hands-on experiences
  • Engaged assignment managers who provide day-to-day direction
  • Mentors during the program
  • Participation in various training sessions both functionally relevant and on leadership skill development
  • High-impact project ownership
  • Dedicated program managers for guidance and direction
  • Work with Program Manager to find permanent placement within the organization upon program completion

We are looking for candidates who...

Are geographically

Have strong
​​​​​​​learning agility.

Have demonstrated leadership experience.
Have an entrepreneurial

Eligibility Criteria​​​​​​​

Examples of Rotations

Manufacturing Engineering
Quality Engineering
Planning & Sourcing
Distribution Operations
Team Leader
Production Supervisor
Process Engineer
Practical Process Improvement

Real LDP participants. Real impact.

See what our program participants have to say about their experience with us! 
“When I graduated from college I worked as a design engineer for an organization. After spending a year in the role, I realized that I was innately curious about leadership within an organization. This curiosity led me to apply to Thermo Fisher Scientific’s Operations Leadership Development Program as it presented a unique opportunity to broaden my technical ability while simultaneously gaining direct leadership experience. Since joining Thermo Fisher, I have been fortunate to gain experiences leading Operations of 40+ people, to most recently driving a global business development team responsible for the company’s growth strategy. Of course, none of this would have been possible without the commitment and support of the company’s leadership who believed in me since my first day as an OLDP!” 
Jorge, OLDP alumni, Boston University
“Even after four years of taking courses and completing internships, I still found myself unsure of exactly what I wanted to pursue after university. I was fortunate to stumble upon rotational programs – an exciting opportunity to experience various positions over a short period of time. Through my experience in the program, I have been able to experiment with different job functions, work with a diversity of team members, gain close friends and inspiring mentors that are truly invested in my success, and create impact both in my projects and in different involvement groups. The exposure to different roles, leadership styles, business segments, and people allowed me to grow as I was able to consciously decide the kind of leader I would like to be at the onset of my career. The consistent steep learning curves that came with each new rotation taught me to approach challenges with an open mind and curiosity, enabling an accelerated personal and professional development. After all these experiences, I was able to make an informed decision for my full-time role post-program, feeling confident after having gained a well-rounded view of the company.” 
Megan, OLDP alumna, UC Berkeley 
“The year before I graduated, I accepted a summer internship position with the operations team and after a fun and challenging experience, was excited to receive an offer to join the Operations Rotation Program. After graduation, I spent the next two years in the program learning roles spanning Quality, Manufacturing, Distribution and Demand Planning while traveling to different sites to learn about our different products and operations teams. This program afforded me a unique opportunity to experience various jobs and people managers, while building my expertise and network within one company. I have learned so much from the rotational program and am blessed to have worked with so many passionate and collaborative colleagues.”
Nathan, previous intern and OLDP alumni, Arizona State University
“After receiving my Bachelor’s in Chemical Engineering at North Carolina A&T, I knew I wanted to optimize my degree as much as possible. Operations allows use to use critical thinking, business strategy, and people leadership to achieve business goals. With this program, I saw I would be able to gain 4 different experiences and challenges within a two-year period which really intrigued me. Not only have I been able to find my niche, but I have also gained other valuable skills to become an asset wherever I am. I have been able to work on a variety of valuable projects that directly contribute to the success of Thermo Fisher Scientific. In all, this decision has been one I can look back on and say I made the right one.” 
Derrick, current OLDP, North Carolina A&T State University

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