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Research & Develpoment at Glance: We have 5,000+ scientists and engineers globally across multiple specialty areas including bioinformatics, optical processing and cell biology. We supply tools and services to more than 100,000 labs across 140+ different countries. We are committed to innovation investing $1Billion annually in R&D. We have received over 10,000 patents and continue to innovate through new platforms like our MyIdea where we crowd sourced 1,000 new ideas last year alone. Join our R&D team and you will be working alongside the best and brightest colleagues, be provided the tools and resources to innovate, work in a culture of freedom and autonomy and be provided the opportunity to grow your career.
“I am an R&D Scientist responsible for developing AmpliSeq DNA panels that will enable researchers to selectively sequencing genomic targets for genetic studies and diagnostics. The platform we develop transformed genetic researches for cancer and other genetic disorders. Our customers are researchers from national research centers, medical laboratories and academic labs in universities. We closely work with them in understanding their needs and goals and develop high quality panels to drive their researches. Our teams work would directly contribute to Thermo Fisher Scientific to lead in serving research, life sciences, diagnostics and applied markets and ultimately improve human health. The work we do enables researchers to discover novel mutations that can cause diseases like cancer and enable laboratories to test patient sample and identify the cause quickly. This in turn can help with personalized medicine and treatment." Mani, Bioinformatics
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