R&D Capabilities

As part of our collaborative and diverse R&D team, you’ll develop cutting-edge research, applications, and tools that solve the world’s most complex scientific challenges. Upon joining our team of passionate scientists, you will work alongside colleagues fueled by passion to accelerate science. Our work matters. Our work contributes to our Mission - to enable our customers to make the world healthier, cleaner and safer. With $1.4 billion invested annually in R&D, our teams have the resources they need to drive new discoveries such as giving cancer patients hope - and remission in CAR T therapy, ensuring our drinking water is clean, and helping law enforcement teams quickly identify illegal drugs. We put science into action.

Structural Biology

Examining the structure and properties of the largest, asymmetrical and most complex proteins is the driving force behind our Cryo-EM breakthrough technology. Our Cryo-EM solutions are helping customers unlock new biological insights with 2D/3D imaging of large protein complexes. With simplified and improved biomolecule images, researchers are developing more effective therapies for patients.

Precision Medicine

Thermo Fisher is a key partner in large global programs, such as the US Precision Medicine Initiative, China Precision Medicine Initiative and Saudi Genome Project. Our precision medicine science centers in Cambridge, MA and Guangzhou, China are designed to be open laboratory settings that allow our technical experts and customers to improve and apply new technology and workflow to advance precision medicine.

Our capabilities span across the areas of population stratification, translational research, molecular diagnostics and targeted therapeutics, helping customers to optimize diagnostics and therapeutic effectiveness with our global infrastructure and expertise within:
  • Genomics / Pharmacogenomics: Microarrays, targeted sequencing panels
  • Proteomics, Metabolomics, Structural Biology: Mass spectrometry, cryo-EM
  • Sample Storage: Biobanking services, cold storage products
  • Data Curation and Analysis: Cloud infrastructure and other digital capabilities

Pharma Services

The global capabilities of recently acquired Patheon’s leading contract drug development and manufacturing services coupled with Thermo Fisher's clinical trials packaging and logistics services enables us to deliver an end-to-end solutions for our biopharma customers. Thermo Fisher Pharma Services provides comprehensive, integrated and highly customizable solutions as well as the manufacturing, logistics and regulatory expertise to help biopharmaceutical companies of all sizes satisfy complex development, clinical trials management and manufacturing needs while simplifying their supply-chain networks.


Our digital capabilities on a global scale are a key differentiator that allows our R&D team to accelerate their discoveries and remain an industry leader serving science. New instruments are fully supported by cloud-connectivity while algorithm-based, remote monitoring and diagnostics ensure predictive maintenance and ideal performance. To support data curation and insight generation, informatics tools are a standard company-wide.
"As a process chemist in Linz, Austria, I am responsible for the development of scalable and robust processes in the R&D lab, for the transfer of these processes to production and the chemical support once the product enters production. The work at Thermo Fisher Scientific is fascinating and diverse since every product and process is unique, requires different skills and provides new challenges. This makes the job as a process chemist unique and exciting with the ultimate goal to contribute to the development of better health care. I appreciate and enjoy Thermo Fisher’s dedication to developing alternative solutions and innovative ideas as well as their willingness to implement them." Maria, Group Leader, R&D
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