My work is a story of eons.

Exploring the impact of climate change. 

Daniel | Applications Specialist

What I do helps us anticipate the future—by going back as far as we can go. Using Thermo Fisher Scientific systems, the British Antarctic Survey evaluates chemicals in 800,000-year-old ice cores. Our instruments help scientists measure small differences in the ice over time, giving the world access to unprecedented information about how the climate has changed—and crucial clues about what lies ahead.

Our work has a global influence, but I also appreciate the small-scale rewards of what I do. Collaborating with my colleagues to provide new opportunities for our customers. Making sure the people we serve have the right tools to get the best results. Helping our customers speed up their analysis and productivity. Every day, I’m able to impact people who are doing important work and making groundbreaking discoveries.

If you’re looking for clues to your future, you’ll discover that, at Thermo Fisher Scientific, each one of our extraordinary minds has a unique story to tell. And we all contribute to a singular Mission—to enable our customers to make the world healthier, cleaner and safer.