My work is a 
story of experiences.


Growing a rewarding career of innovations.

Damon | Senior Director, R&D, Materials and Structural Analysis

I went to college on a poetry scholarship, but soon fell in love with physics after taking a mandatory class. And there began my career in Research and Development! Today I lead a team responsible for new product development of semiconductor specific product lines as part of the Materials and Structural Analysis R&D organization. Our integrated technologies are used to identify and analyze nanometer scale samples of large wafers (that computer chips are made from) to provide process monitoring and control data to semiconductor clients.

My career has been an amazing string of innovations spread over 25 years. I’ve been involved in focused ion beam and dual beam technologies, automation projects, and the Helios 1200 product development providing precise location samples of semiconductor wafers. The data from these samples truly accelerates the information age. I was fortunate to lead a large-scale market challenge all the way from its inception to the actual product release. Recently, I was involved in making an enormous business proposal for an aggressive R&D effort – a once in a lifetime opportunity I’m grateful for.

These are the types of inspiring career experiences I could only enjoy as part of a global organization like Thermo Fisher. The commitment and investment in R&D allows great ideas with a solid business model to flourish. I’m part of a team of smart and caring colleagues with high integrity. I can connect with a vast array of subject matter experts at any time to share perspectives, best practices and learnings. Throughout the years, the challenges keep changing but the camaraderie is always the same; this is what motivates me to come to work every day.