My work is a story
​​​​​​​of possibilities.

Opening doors to new career paths.

Karima | Digital Science Program Manager

The Graduate Leadership Development Program (GDLP) was more than an opportunity to grow my professional knowledge and skills. For me, it was a chance to begin a new chapter during a time when I am rebuilding a new life for me and my son.

In 2012, my husband was diagnosed with gastric cancer. It was shocking news and a harsh wake-up call that I might be put in a position to be the sole provider for our family. Despite the strains of my home life, I made the difficult decision to pursue an MBA. My son and my husband were my motivation to get through the long days at work, evenings in classes and late nights camped out by his hospital bedside doing homework. Three years after the diagnosis, my husband lost his battle with cancer. While I was devastated, I was determined to finish my MBA program because that was what my husband would have wanted. I earned my MBA and was able to join the GLDP, which has opened doors to new career opportunities as part of a company whose Mission is to help patients in need, like my husband.

The GLDP strengthened my knowledge through hands-on learning. During one assignment, I assessed an opportunity to pivot an existing product and technology into a new application and market. I spent time meeting with internal subject matter experts and customers to gather insights. In the end, we determined a pivot would not be well received by our target customers. I learned the importance of being able to balance perspectives between the priorities of the business and the needs of the customer, which led me to my current role today as a Digital Science Program Manager. My role ensures that our customers are heard and that their needs and concerns are listened to and considered as we continue to innovate. Being part of Thermo Fisher has been an incredible growth experience, one that is helping me write a new chapter full of hope and possibilities. 

When you’re ready for a career of possibilities, you’ll discover that at Thermo Fisher Scientific, each one of our extraordinary minds has a unique story to tell. And we all contribute to a singular Mission—to enable our customers to make the world healthier, cleaner and safer.