My work is a story
​​​​​​​of possibilities.

Giving patients another chance at life.

Gabriela | Associate Director, Clinical Operations, Mexico

At Thermo Fisher Scientific, people are at the heart of our business. Our work in Clinical Research Operations contributes to the delivery of safer and more effective drug solutions to help improve a patient’s life.  
One of the turning points for me - during an HIV study that I was monitoring - was hearing a patient’s feedback that his life became full of possibilities again since being enrolled in the study. He was able to work again, and he felt like he had another chance at life. It was at that moment that everything clicked into place, and I knew this was the job for me.    
I have been in this career for over 17 years! When I first started - with a small CRO - I did not have any idea what Clinical Research was, but I knew this was something which aligned with my passion in helping make lives better. I was introduced to our clinical research team by my long-time mentor from my previous company.  
Today, I have a team of four Clinical Managers and a few CRAs. Developing people and imparting my knowledge and expertise to our future leaders is a key part of my job. We believe in open communication with people-managers who are here to support the growth of colleagues. By creating an environment that is inclusive and diverse, everyone is able to express their thoughts, and develop and grow with the company.  
When you’re ready to transform your career, you’ll discover that at Thermo Fisher Scientific, each one of our extraordinary minds has a unique story to tell. And we all contribute to a singular Mission—to enable our customers to make the world healthier, cleaner and safer.