My work is a 
​​​​​​​story of potential.

Growing and helping others realize their potential.

Jing | Technical Application Scientist

Six years ago, I finished my Ph.D. in research and joined Thermo Fisher as a Technical Application Specialist. Since then I have fallen into the most advanced scientific research to solve customer inquiries, found solutions to our customer’s problems, facilitated customer training and lead my first internal project. These experiences have helped me grow from an early career role into a multifunctional technical support professional.

Now I am helping others to realize their own potential. I deliver courses to our sales colleagues, helping them become more effective consultants. This is more than just training - it is all about teamwork and helping one another grow.

Thermo Fisher provides an environment where you can grow beyond what you thought was possible. If you’re ready to realize your potential, you’ll discover that at Thermo Fisher Scientific, each one of our extraordinary minds has a unique story to tell. And we all contribute to a singular Mission—to enable our customers to make the world healthier, cleaner and safer.