My work is a story of production.


Creating medicines for research and patients.

Perrine | Production Lead, Pharmaceutical Development Services

I work with a team of 30 colleagues in pharmaceutical services in Bourgoin where we develop, and manufacture medicines used in clinical patient research. When I first joined Thermo Fisher Scientific I worked on an exciting project where we spent weeks producing and testing a new drug in conjunction with the customer, which produced tangible results. I was intrigued by the rigorous processes and all the stages involved in creating a new medicine. Since then, I have been involved in many other innovative projects such as the installation of a new dry granulation line at our Bourgoin, site which was the first of its kind for us. It has since been used on many new medicine development trials and is one of the most used lines in the development workshop today.

I am passionate about the work that we do every day in Bourgoin and I have seen the positive impact we make on the lives of so many. Two years ago, I worked with a client on the development of a new medicine for a disease that had no existing treatment. The client was also personally invested in the project, as they themselves had the disease. As the collaboration progressed, we saw their health improve highlighting my connection with our Mission—to enable our customers to make the world healthier, cleaner and safer.

When you’re ready for a career that produces results, you’ll discover that at Thermo Fisher Scientific, each one of our extraordinary minds has a unique story to tell.