Why I chose Thermo Fisher Scientific
as a clinical research professional.

Written by: Swati, Senior Director of Clinical Operations

As a young clinical research professional, I joined Thermo Fisher Scientific, as part of our PPD® clinical research services team, with a vision for my career and an appetite to learn and grow with the organization. The experience has not disappointed. 18 years since, the experience has been enriching and continues to augment career and personal growth. 

Work that makes patient care better 

In my role as Senior Director of Clinical Operations, I work with the Global Evolving Clinical Delivery (ECD) team, which drives the implementation of new methods to deliver clinical monitoring. In my current role, we evolve monitoring strategies and establish agile frameworks that allow the review of data generated at clinical research sites.

In one of my more recent projects, I had an opportunity to oversee the first COVID-19 vaccine trials in a few Asia Pacific countries. We established different, out-of-the-box ways to expedite these trials. One such step that helped to expedite the trials was to partner with translation vendors to rebuild the translation timelines. This helped in accelerating the overall start-up timelines. 

The passion and enthusiasm of colleagues 

We spend a great deal of our time working with people at the organization and we do not work in isolation. The success of the team and the company is based on how we can rely on one another at work and how we collaborate. How colleagues work is also an indication of culture at the organization. At Thermo Fisher, the people are what I enjoy most about my job. The colleagues are warm, passionate, and enthusiastic. I have not only built great work relationships here but some friends too! 

A culture of continuous improvement from ground-up 

How change is initiated and implemented in the organization is an indication of the openness of leadership. Finding a better way every day to reduce waste and improve processes is embedded in everything we do at the company. That is also an integral part of my role whereby we are invested in innovations to stay ahead of the curve and stay in tandem with lessons learned from the pandemic and evolving industry trends.

A place where careers are made 

Career paths can take different forms depending on what you seek. At Thermo Fisher, your career journey can be both lateral and vertical. I have had the opportunity to be in diverse roles from starting out as a monitor, and then moving into managing clients and projects as a Clinical Team Manager. After a couple of years as a team manager, I moved into the specialty of Study Start-Up which is now part of the Clinical Operations team. That role gave me an opportunity to lead global and diverse teams across Asia Pacific and the company. As the company grows and evolves, new opportunities present themselves. As part of the company’s evolving initiatives, I was offered my current role to help lead and participate in new global monitoring initiatives.
Each step of my career here has been a valuable learning experience where relationships are built, and milestones achieved. I am grateful that I have been supported by good leaders, mentors, and colleagues in my journey. 

My advice for anyone looking to join the company or new to the company is to allow yourself every experience for learning whether they are big or small. Keep an open mind to opportunities and continue to establish strong relationships with teams. Explore how you can get involved in projects, communities and enjoy the diversity of our culture!