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As the world leader in serving science, we offer robust entry-level roles at our corporate offices and manufacturing sites across the globe...the opportunities are infinite! 

We’re looking for recent university graduates who share our tenacity for making significant contributions to society; you’re looking for a place to launch a meaningful career defined by extraordinary breakthroughs and unparalleled growth. 

If you’re ready to start something great and help make the world a better place, you can do it at Thermo Fisher Scientific. 

They did it. So can you.

“After I graduated with my bachelor’s degree, I started my career in a Talent Acquisition Coordinator position and quickly discovered a passion for all things related to Human Resources. Eventually, I was contacted by a recruiter at Thermo Fisher Scientific who told me about a Talent Acquisition Specialist position that was part of a newly launched program called “TA Academy”. Although I was happy in my role at the time, I was intrigued by the idea of joining a program dedicated to cultivating future leaders in the function, where I would receive targeted training and mentorship amongst several like-minded individuals. I decided to take the leap and am so glad that I did! I currently work with the most amazing colleagues who not only make work fun, but who I can actively learn from and collaborate with. I am also consistently engaged about career development by my manager, who makes sure that I am always on track for my desired career path. In 2022, I officially celebrated one year with the company and cannot wait to see what else is in store in the time to come!"
Cori, Talent Acquisition, San Francisco State University
“I was set to start my first day at Thermo Fisher Scientific exactly one month after completing my undergrad. I was nervous as I didn’t know what to expect in my first job out of college, however, Thermo Fisher Scientific created a welcoming environment that made me feel right at home. My manager was extremely helpful and turned into a mentor for me. I work with amazing hard-working colleagues that teach me something new every day. The company also does an incredible job investing in its employees, as I have been able to get involved in a new program called the “Finance Academy”, including courses designed to improve various skills such as MS Office, leadership, communication, and more. After just one year, I had the opportunity to transition to a new role that allows me to gain more exposure to the FP&A world, giving me confidence that the company is invested in my growth and career development. I can say I made the right decision out of college and am excited to see what the future holds!” 
Tej, Finance, Temple University 
“After completing my undergraduate, I initially joined a company where there wasn’t a clear developmental plan in place for employees, let alone those just starting their careers. During that time, I found myself reflecting on my experience as an intern at Thermo Fisher Scientific while still in college, where I had a team willing to invest in me to find my true potential and take on new opportunities. It was at that point I knew I wanted to return as a full-time colleague. Since rejoining, this company has done a superb job of promoting my training and development by offering opportunities to take on stretch assignments and continually engaging me in conversations about my short and long-term career plans. I am happy to say that after only a short time, I’ve advanced to a new role of increased scope that will enable me to continue my desired career trajectory as a Human Resources professional and have learned so much along the way!” 
Sally, Talent Acquisition, CSU San Marcos
“The day after I received my master’s in Data Analytics Engineering, I started my career as a Product Management Specialist at Thermo Fisher Scientific. This is my first full-time role and I have truly enjoyed every moment thus far! I have found a strong support system within my team and have a great ambassador as well. While I have been able to apply the knowledge I gained in my undergraduate and graduate studies, I have learned a great deal about data, marketing, and the overall business in the short time I have been in this role. I am looking forward to expanding my network within Thermo Fisher Scientific, developing my skills as a data analyst, and advancing in my overall career.” 
Ayana, Product Management, George Mason University
“When I landed my role with Thermo Fisher Scientific, I was ecstatic not only because I would be working in my desired field of Talent Acquisition, but also have the opportunity to make an influential impact on the career trajectory of others! Since joining, my experience has been nothing short of amazing. Each day I am challenged and have seen tremendous professional and personal growth within myself as a result. Leaders and mentors along the way have kept me encouraged while also helping build my knowledge and skillset. As I inch closer to my one-year mark with the company, I am optimistic about the future of my career here because I know that my development is a priority for both myself and my leaders, who want to see me be successful!” 
Isaiah, Talent Acquisition, Louisiana State University
“After graduating with my undergraduate degree, I took a role as a consultant with a boutique firm. While I enjoyed my time there, the limited opportunities for growth made me begin to look elsewhere as I planned my future. What drew me to Thermo Fisher Scientific are the unlimited opportunities for advancement, as the company is so large and has a global reach, which ultimately led me to accept a position here. I love how focused my managers have been on promoting career development and providing resources for growth. Thanks to the encouragement of my manager and team, I will be beginning an MBA program in the fall with tuition partially covered by this amazing organization!” 
Chelsea, Marketing, Howard University

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