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About the programme

Our Engineering team is recruiting an Electrical and Instrumentation Apprentice and a Mechanical Apprentice. As a craft apprentice you will learn how to maintain production equipment - carrying out routine maintenance, diagnosing and resolving breakdowns - as well as helping to design, install and test new equipment. 

Run in conjunction with SOLAS, the State agency tasked with building a world class Further Education and Training (FET) sector to fuel Ireland's future, the apprenticeship programme is a minimum of four years, provided all phases are successfully completed. 

  • An apprentice’s time is divided between the Cork site where you complete on-the-job training and at training centres and third level institutes where you will complete the SOLAS curriculum modules. Throughout you get paid an apprenticeship salary.
  • On successful completion of the internationally recognised apprenticeship (Level 6 Advanced Certificate), you will be eligible for consideration for entry into a related Level 7 and 8 Degree programmes provided by the Institutes of Technology.

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We are looking for candidates who:
Are enthusiastic.
Are eager to learn.
Want to work in a team environment.

Eligibility criteria

The Apprentice Programme would suit anyone interested in STEM subjects in school - ideally suited for someone who is curious and has a flair for engineering, science, machinery, and who likes to solve problems.

To be eligible for our Apprenticeship Programme, we require:

  • A minimum of 5 Leaving Certificate Ordinary Level subjects – including Maths and English
  • Leaving Certificate Physics or Chemistry, Design and Communications Graphics, Engineering or Technology is an advantage
  • ​​​​​​​Previous related work experience or a demonstrated interest in engineering practices is also an advantage

The hiring process

Our hiring process for the Apprenticeship Programme follows 3 stages:
Complete our online application form.
Invitation to Assessment Successful applicants will be invited to participate in an Assessment Centre Day.
Selection and Offer Two candidates will be selected for the Apprenticeship Programme.

Now hiring!

“An apprenticeship at Thermo Fisher Scientific offers hands on, practical learning which is backed up by studying the theory in college.  The work is varied and I enjoyed working on different electrical instruments, performing preventative maintenance and fixing breakdowns. Thermo Fisher also offers a lot of support for Further Education and enables apprentices to study part time night courses to add to their qualifications.” 

Eibhilín, Automation Engineer, Former Apprentice
“Thermo Fisher is a great place to learn - I get great exposure to various pieces of equipment. The craftspersons I work with are very knowledgeable and encourage me to realise my full potential as an Electrical and Instrumentation Apprentice.”

Shane, Electrical & Instrumentation Apprentice
 “Apprenticeships in general are great, an apprenticeship with Thermo Fisher is the cream of the crop. From working on a vast variety of equipment from motors to instruments, to progressing your understanding of these through ‘off the job’ college blocks. I truly believe apprenticeships are the best way to learn your craft because of the mix of hands on and academic work.”

Killian, Electrical & Instrumentation Craftsperson, and former apprentice
“Having served my time as an apprentice, I am now a fully qualified Electrical and Instrumentation Craftsperson with Thermo Fisher Scientific.  The apprenticeship gave me the opportunity to develop technical skills and fault-finding abilities, while allowing me to personally develop in a high-performance engineering group.”

Eric, Electrical & Instrumentation Craftsperson, and former apprentice
“What drew my attention to Thermo Fisher Scientific’s apprenticeship programme was having the ability to earn and learn at the same time.  I have always had a keen interest in trying to understand how things work. As an apprentice, we get to see engineering put into action every day. What I enjoy most about the programme is, not only do we get the opportunity to learn the theoretical side of the industry and how things work, but we get apply our learnings and put them into practice straight away.”

Caoimhe Ryan, Electrical & Instrumentation apprentice
“Working with Thermo Fisher has given me a unique opportunity to kickstart my career while continuing to learn and further my own skillset. Every day is different, with jobs ranging from breakdowns to scheduled work, no two days are the same. Thermo Fisher gives me the opportunity to learn and work on leading industry standard equipment from lab equipment to the equipment we use for production.”

Ben Dunlea, Electrical & Instrumentation apprentice

“The apprenticeship programme at Thermo Fisher stuck out to me as I had a keen interest in engineering in school and now being part of the engineering operations team get to see a huge variety of engineering in action every day. We get practical, site-wide on the job training and its great being part of such an important team.”

Jack Sheehan, Mechanical Apprentice

"I chose an apprenticeship after school as I am a hands-on learner, this is put into theory when we are sent to college during the apprenticeship. No two days are the same on site. The apprenticeship allows me to develop technical skills, which are put into practice everyday."

Sarah Aherne, Electrical & Instrumentation apprentice
“As a mechanical apprentice, what I enjoy most is how challenging and diverse my days are.”

Daragh O’Leary, Mechanical apprentice

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