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Across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, we operate 26 locations and have over 5,000 colleagues, representing more than 25% of Thermo Fisher Scientific’s workforce in EMEA. In Ireland, we feature teams in Dublin, Limerick and remote locations. Our largest sites are in Horsham and Loughborough, England, and Inchinnan, Scotland. Given the size and scope of our presence in the UK / Ireland, it is not surprising that we have developed strong and enduring relationships with a wide array of customers from hospitals, universities, healthcare companies and life science / research organizations.

Create your own Thermo Fisher Scientific story by learning more about us – the work we do throughout the UK / Ireland and the breadth of career opportunities we can offer you.

Meet Our Team

I am a Product Manager for our Digital Science SampleManager Laboratory Information Management System Software (LIMS) which our customers use to manage the complete testing routine of samples that routinely pass through their laboratories.The software we develop helps our customers to get an understanding of what goes into producing the products we all take for granted in our daily lives. It is even used in Olympic athlete drug testing, and helps ensure the perfect brew of a pint of beer. The best aspect of working here are the people! I am lucky to work with an incredibly talented group of individuals, each with an area of expertise. Between us, we make a formidable group.

We are very proud of what we do and work our hardest to ensure we continue to provide our customers with the world’s leading LIMS software. I love the diversity of my role – every day is different. It is so interesting to work with customers from so many industries and gain an understanding of what goes into producing the products we all take for granted in our daily lives. From the petrol we pump into our cars to the water in our taps; the medicines we take when feeling poorly to the milk and yoghurt we buy in the supermarket.

Knowing that the product I work with ensures all those things are produced and delivered safely and to spec – just wow!
Katie, Senior Product Manager, Digital Science, Altrincham
My work as an applications specialist supports the manufacturing of high quality instruments that enable our customers to improve their efficiency and reduce waste, making our world cleaner! Knowing that our instruments are the highest possible quality, and working with people that have the passion to make this possible, is really incredible.

Although I am part of a massive, global company, and feel all of the rewards and benefits that come with that, working at the Winsford site makes me feel like I’m a valuable part of the team. The site is relatively small, which means I can walk into the factory and talk to people in operations, learn about marketing from the product manager, spend time with the sales team and more.

I’m also part of the millennials ERG and have been able to lead an initiative to reduce the use of single use plastic cups in Winsford. Working for Thermo Fisher Scientific is special because you are genuinely encouraged and enabled to better yourself in areas inside and outside of your role, with the support of colleagues and management.
Samuel, Applications Specialist, Environmental and Process Monitoring, Winsford, UK
What I enjoy most about Thermo Fisher is engaging and collaborating with colleagues from so many varied disciplines. We are continually pushing the frontiers to deliver world class products and services for our customers. My role as a Senior PPI Process Manager involves improving business processes holistically to support the manufacture and supply of cancer diagnostic instruments for hospitals and research institutions.

From working with leaders in setting the strategy, to monitoring and improving KPI’s, to facilitating improvement events – I interact with different departments and people every day. Our size and talent allows us to recognize where we can continually improve our products and processes. We then coach, train and develop employees further to keep raising the bar, improving quality and performance on a global scale.
Corinne, Senior Manager, PPI Business Systems, Anatomical Pathology, Runcorn, UK
I first joined Thermo Fischer Scientific as a Production Technician, working in the production of bottled media. However, having just graduated from university with a science degree, I wanted a job more relevant to my field of study. My hard work and dedication was noticed and when an opportunity opened up in Quality Control, I applied and got the job. It is a good feeling to know that I work for a company that tries to fit the best people in the most appropriate roles and appreciates the efforts of its employees.

Currently, I work as a Scientist in a Quality Control Laboratory accredited by UKAS, where bottled and plated media are tested to ensure that they meet the required standards. My job is to ensure that the products we manufacture here and sell to hospitals and major pharmaceutical companies are complying with the set standards and working in the desired way. This ensures we provide our customers with the best measures to treat patients or develop new medicines. I enjoy the variety of tasks that I come across and the flexibility to shift them from day to day. My job gives me great opportunities to gain laboratory experience and opens up different growth paths within the company, as well as allowing me to gain many valuable skills that are relevant to my career.
Zuzanna, Quality Control Scientist, Perth
I am responsible for the department that prepares all our laboratory equipment as well as filling and packing the products we make in Dartford. We take great pride in knowing the products we manufacture make a difference to people’s lives. We use Practical Process Improvement tools, supported throughout our site, to continually improve our processes and problem solving abilities. Our department’s dedication to quality means that the customer not only gets the correct diagnostic kit but that all items are present and correct. This allows timely patient diagnosis, making the world a healthier place.

The opportunities surround you at Thermo Fisher as this is my fifth role. The best part about working here is the great team of people. I work with colleagues who are always willing to share their expertise and advice or just pitch in when a job needs doing. There is a great sense of teamwork and involvement.
Tom, Secondary Manufacturing Manager, Dartford​​​​​​​Nick, Scientist III, Global Product Support
As a Senior Support Scientist, I provide technical support in the manufacture of Immunodiagnostic Assays, including troubleshooting failures, improving processes and validating changes. I’m able to collaborate with others across various Thermo Fisher manufacturing sites and around the world to share skills and grow my knowledge. What I enjoy most about my role is it’s completely unpredictable. Our team never knows what is going to require immediate support during a particular day or moment, so we must be flexible and juggle multiple priorities to maintain productivity. Our products are used to diagnose microbial infections in patients. We work very hard each day to ensure the quality and performance of the product is maintained to provide patients the best care we can. Stephanie, Senior Support Scientist, Dartford
In my role, I ensure the efficient operation of the Trace Elemental Service Team whilst delivering service excellence and supporting our stakeholders. Everyone I interact with has the same goals in mind - customer satisfaction and the future success of the business. When goals and objectives are clearly defined, there is a great sense of satisfaction in achieving strong results. I am fortunate enough to have a team of highly skilled, conscientious and professional engineers so seeing positive CAS results and comments from customers is always enjoyable. Knowing that our products are highly regarded in the scientific community gives a sense of pride. There is also a sense of pride in knowing that the equipment is being used for important analysis that makes a difference to people’s lives.

It’s great to be part of a large organization like Thermo Fisher that somehow manages to capture a feeling of belonging. You are trusted and empowered to make decisions in order to achieve results. There are always plenty of opportunities to develop and learn. I still enjoy the challenges in my current role but can see potential opportunities in the future if I’m keen to try something new.
Daryl, Field Service Manager, Trace Elemental Analysis, Hemel Hempstead
Every day is challenging and different at Thermo Fisher Scientific. It’s a fast paced environment and our team is passionate about manufacturing and exceeding the customer’s expectation. As a Manufacturing Manager, I oversee the development and coaching of 40 technicians. We are always focused on achieving our optimum potential whilst ensuring all resources are available to develop our competitive advantage and meet customer demands. We collaborate amongst a variety of teams to improve our capabilities, to continually grow and strengthen, as individuals and as a site. There is an impressive breadth of knowledge and expertise on site but also globally that we connect with to share and learn from. Our commitment to manufacture products to the highest quality is what makes me proud to say that I am a part of the Thermo Fisher mission of making the world healthier, cleaner and safer. Ashley, Manufacturing Manager, Inchinnan
As a flex scientist, I help support manufacturing as an additional resource when we have a spike or variations in customer demand. During average workload periods, I lead different site projects, drive PPI continuous improvement and training initiatives. The projects I work on allow me to understand various areas in operations and IT, widening my skill-set and giving me the opportunity to make new connections globally.

Previously, I worked in a lab providing diagnostics a doctor needs to deliver to a patient. The idea of the being the person behind the doctor, helping to support their work with patients, was very appealing to me when I was studying at university. At Thermo Fisher Scientific, a key phrase of our mission statement is “enabling our customers”. It’s an important reminder that even in roles behind the scenes, we are key contributors to making this world healthier.
Sarah-Jane, Manufacturing Flex Scientist II, Cell Culture Media, Paisley
Dan Talbot Ion Chromatography Applications Specialist Thermo Fisher Scientific
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